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News and Comment November 2021

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10 November (Part 4) - Weird coincidence: “Francis is a name of Latin origin meaning French”

So what did Louie French have to say to the electorate of Old Bexley and Sidcup?
Vote French?

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If I were him I would not have started with being “a local resident and experienced local Councillor”. To be pedantic he has to be a resident or he would not have been allowed to be a local Councillor but more seriously so is his rival Daniel Francis. Louie has been a Councillor for seven years and didn’t last long as Deputy Leader, which may have been a good thing dependent on his reasons but for longevity he cannot compete with Daniel who was a Councillor 21 years ago.

Louie is going to fix the roads and paths but it is Daniel who has been doing something about them for a long time.

“Enhance our local parks & open spaces” but vote to build over them as a Councillor. “Provide a strong voice on planning and development.” Ditto.

“Secure more EV charging points” and “prevent pet theft“. Top of everyone’s priority list.

“Support our local charities and volunteers.” Bull's-eye! He has done that.

“Help our local environment.” How? By cutting back on grass cutting and street cleaning or improve the look of it with tower blocks?

“Back local businesses and employers.” Reliable sources say that Councillor French has definitely been the business man’s friend. Yours too? Who knows?

“Extend superfast fibre broadband.” An Openreach contractor while poking a fibre probe under my front garden last Friday told me that we will all have access to it within five years. I doubt Louie will be able to change that. Maybe he has seen the error of his former ways. On his Falcowood & Welling patch BT was prevented from installing VDSL broadband by Bexley Council idiocy. There is no evidence that Louie was instrumental about bringing that to an end.

Louie French says he is “hard working, approachable and visible”. Hard working maybe in an invisible sort of way but approachable? Never! Always walks by with his nose in the air.

This morning an incoming message said “Aaron has been a Dick”. Maybe Louie agrees. This analysis would not have been written without him.


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