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News and Comment November 2021

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12 November (Part 4) - Tory v Tice

Two more by-election leaflets to end the day. One from Louie French the Conservative candidate. I think I might take issue with the claim to have opposed “the Mayor’s tri-borough policy that shut local police stations”. Careful use of words, Bexley didn’t lose any police stations due to that policy.

Fortunately Labour Councillors fought the proposals very vigorously and wrote to anyone who would listen pleading for the retention of Bexley’s police station.

Their letters to the Home Secretary and the Mayor’s Office for Policing would have had more effect than Tories waving placards. In the two years leading up to when the police station might have closed, Louie French was mentioned here only twice. Not a word about police stations.

Another Richard Tice Reform UK leaflet has surfaced too. Not yet a single one from Labour. Are they going straight into Old Bexleyman’s bin?


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