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News and Comment November 2021

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17 November (Part 1) - A good living from failure

Since my first encounter with Bexley Council it has had five Chief Executives that I know of. You could write to Terry Musgrave, the first of them and get a signed reply but everything went downhill from there.

The next one did a deal with a Council Leader who was subsequently given an unconnected suspended jail sentence, left soon afterwards and has since netted close to a million pounds from the Bexley taxpayer.

After him we had a lapdog who covered up for a dishonest Council until eventually Greenwich Police (Bexley refused to be involved) sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service alleging Misconduct in a Public Office. Saved by his appointment to a sensitive Government appointed post. Boats must not be rocked.

CumbriaIn more recent times a female Chief Executive was appointed whose only claim to fame was her withdrawal of the Press Desk at Council meetings and erecting a barrier between the public and the dangerous people on the other side.

She left with a £94,000 pay cheque only to be replaced by another female Chief Executive who has no claim to fame at all.

Before being unpopular in Bexley, Ms. Gill Steward had been unpopular in Cornwall and unpopular in West Sussex. After becoming unpopular in Bexley she managed to be unpopular in Hounslow and recently took a job in Cumbria to see if she could be unpopular there too.

A rip-roaring success. Appointed last July and dis-appointed a couple of weeks ago.

Due diligence is not a phrase oft used in Council recruitment circles. The report above was by Cumbria’s minority Green Party and it was ignored. The Greens are evidently not as green as I had imagined.

The report below is from the local newspaper. Ms. Steward is once again on then jobs market. Where next to be unpopular?


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