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News and Comment November 2021

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21 November (Part 2) - What do they stand for?

There are quite a lot of Old Bexley & Sidcup election leaflets available in the Archive and the two big parties are still pushing the local Agenda. I suppose they know what they are doing but for me it is a turn off. OB&S is electing an MP not a Councillor.

An analysis of leaflets collected so far reveals the following stated interests…


Christian People’s Alliance, UKIP
Celebrate Britain
Heritage Party

Cleaner Streets
Conservative Party, Labour Party
Covid: Lock Downs/Passports
Christian People’s Alliance, Heritage Party. Lib Dems, Reform UK

Conservative Party, Reform UK
EV Charge Points
Conservative Party

Free Speech/Cancel Culture
Heritage Party, Reform UK
Fuel - Shortages/Price
Labour Party, Lib Dems, Reform UK

Green Spaces
Conservative Party, Heritage Party
Health & GP Care
Conservative Party, Reform UK

Heritage Party, Reform UK, UKIP

Conservative Party
Local Transport
Conservative Party

Marriage breakdown
Christian People’s Alliance
Net Zero (Heat Pumps etc.)
Heritage Party, Reform UK, UKIP

Outer London Road Tax
Conservative Party
Pet Theft
Conservative Party

Police & Crime
Conservative Party, Labour Party, Reform UK
Conservative Party, Labour Party

Puberty Blockers
Christian People’s Alliance
Public Services
Reform UK, UKIP

Safety of Women
Heritage Party, Lib Dems, Reform UK, UKIP

Universal Credit
Liberal Dems

OB&S links…
Christian People’s Alliance : Conservative Party : Heritage Party : Labour Party : Liberal Democrats : Reform UK : UKIP.

The English Democrats, Rejoin EU, The Green Party and The Official Monster Raving Loony Party are also standing but no election leaflets have so far surfaced.

The thought that the subjects you might hear discussed over a pint, Covid, free speech, energy price increases, health care, housing, immigration, Net Zero, collapsing public services and escalating levels of taxation are being ignored by the major parties is hard to overlook.


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