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News and Comment November 2021

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27 November (Part 3) - The voluble muted

Elwyn Bryant and James BrokenshireMy friend Elwyn pictured here is disappointed that not a single electioneering canvasser has knocked on his door and he is not very impressed by the leaflets he has collected and studied.

He decided that he was being ignored and would have to go and find the three main candidates and speak to them. He wrapped up warm and took the bus to Sidcup.

The Labour Party had set out their stall near McDonalds and Richard Tice went by non-stop on his bus but of the Conservatives there was no sign. He wandered off towards their office.

Once there a young man told him that everyone was out but that wasn’t strictly true; a Councillor made his presence known and introduced himself as David Leaf.

Councillor Leaf as every regular reader will know is a man who cannot usually stop talking to the extent that his colleagues sometimes make jokes about it. He is also the Councillor who was overseeing Council finances while they bumped along the bottom.

Councillor Leaf asked what Elwyn wanted which was basically being able to question Louie French on national policies. Like most of us he has heard all anyone needs to know about the Conservative candidate’s local ambitions.

“Name?” said Councillor Leaf ready to take a note of the request and that was very abruptly the end of that. Elwyn’s parents should have given him a less distinctive name.

“Sorry, if you are not a campaigner [supporter?] I must ask you to leave.”

Friendly bunch aren’t they? Well one of them anyway.


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