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News and Comment November 2021

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30 November (Part 1) - Effing nuts

While the by-election campaign has been in progress, the banner heading which had been proclaiming ‘Boris Johnson is Bonkers’ was reverted to the long standing ‘Bexley Council is Bonkers’ so as not to show undue political bias. Not any more.

This morning I will have to find time to buy milk. It is the only thing I need. Even with the perpetually failed Stannah travelator in the local Sainsbury’s I can be in and out within three minutes. If I don’t wear a mask I may be fined £200.

This evening is pub quiz night where the team will attempt to win for the fourth week running. It will be good not to because that is no way to earn popularity! I will be there along with between 40 and 50 contestants from approximately 7 p.m. until around 10:30. No mask required.

Boris Johnson is not just Bonkers, he is stark staring mad and should never have been allowed to become Prime Minister.
Daily Telegraph

The day when the US President was more consistent with his logic than the utter idiot at No. 10.


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