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News and Comment November 2021

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30 November (Part 2) - Rubbish collection by CountryStyle

Rubbish bins Rubbish binsHas the new recycling contractor made any difference to your life?

The only change I have noticed is that the collection time has reverted to being very early after Serco allowed it to drift towards mid-morning.

My neighbour has noticed no difference either, his bins are not collected just as often as before.

The big bins across the road suffer the same old trouble, the blue bin is nearly always replaced with its opening slot facing the wall rendering it inaccessible but last Friday CountryStyle’s staff excelled themselves. The blue bin was not only replaced back to front but in front of the plastics bin making access to it difficult.

This is nothing like the pride in the job message that CountryStyle’s management was trying to convey to Councillors two months ago.


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