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News and Comment October 2021

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1 October (Part 1) - A return to the Chamber

The last time you saw a decent Council meeting photo here was on 5th March 2020 but when the pandemic struck the Council Chamber became a no-go area. The webcasts were useful but as things returned to normal so did the webcast schedule and Transport and Audit Committee meetings became no better than gatherings of the Bexley Secret Society. I decided that it might be worthwhile to hear what the auditor had to say about Bexley’s Houdini-like escape from bankruptcy. The auditor said that 2020/21 was “a good news story, an improvement on the previous year and everything was within the expected range”.

Once questioning got under way things seemed to be a little less rosy and a more comprehensive report will appear here before long.
Audit Committee meeting
On the way in I spoke to Labour Leader Stefano Borella for the first time in 19 months and discovered his enthusiasm for trains and buses is undiminished. As for the others, some may have grown older and others simply grown wider while another has disappeared behind an extravagant beard and moustache. Beard apart I have done the same.

After a two hour meeting I left in a hurry always conscious of the fact that me speaking to Conservatives may not go down well with the Teresa supporters. Apologies to any I may have offended.


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