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News and Comment October 2021

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4 October (Part 1) - Jaw dropping stupidity

A month ago it was reported here that a friend’s son with Special Educational Needs was being abused by his Bexley School. Hidden away all day with a teaching assistant and not being allowed to mix with fellow pupils. A totally inadequate head teacher unable to face up to her responsibilities reported the loving parents to Bexley Council’s Social Services. They made them jump through the usual hoops and I have not heard a single word of complaint about SS from the parents.

As expected they were given a clean bill of health.

The father put before me a number of ideas he had considered aimed at getting the head teacher to provide his son with some education. I suggested that he started off at the lower end of things by submitting a Subject Access Request to see if it revealed anything of interest.

He drafted a covering letter and showed it to me. It was longer than I would have written myself but I have never believed in altering other people’s letters if they make the point reasonably clearly and do not include anything that one may later regret; aggression, threat, bad language etc. I said it was quite harsh and maybe hard hitting but it was truthful and justified in the circumstances. He has subsequently showed me the final copy which from memory I would say has not changed very much.

So how did this pathetic specimen of a head teacher react to the Subject Access Request?

“The Trust has reported you to the police for harassment. It will not tolerate repeated requests for information.”

It goes on at length with threats and bans from various things. All future emails will be rejected by the school server etc. and he will not be allowed to comment on any letter the school may choose to send. “The Trust will not engage in further correspondence about it”. Not a word about how she will address the parents’ concerns for their son’s education except for the trite response that “education, wellbeing and welfare are of paramount importance”.

In all the time that this school has failed their pupil the father, except for hand overs at the school gate, has been allowed to speak to a teacher only once. The headteacher remains invisible behind a wall of threats.

A lot more details to come once my friend has consulted his lawyer. Meanwhile a question. How do absolute morons rise to the top of so many professions?

Reported to the police for harassment for making a Subject Access Request. Whatever next?


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