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News and Comment October 2021

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5 October (Part 1) - Trinitrash

Trinitas TrustThe refusal to respond to a Subject Access Request by the head teacher of Thamesmead’s Jubilee Primary School (“The Trust will not tolerate the making of repeated requests for information”) came on notepaper bearing the crest of Trinitas Academy Trust.

Their website’s proclamation of “compassion and desire that every person flourishes” can in the light of my friend’s experience best be described as total balderdash - or worse.

One thing that came as a surprise to me is that Trinitas is supposedly a Trust for schools espousing Christian values. There doesn’t seem to be much of that on display in Crowden Way.

My friend now banished from contacting the school is a practicing Muslim - don’t try to phone him over a Friday lunchtime!

Perhaps we need a Councillor Mardner in Bexley to administer one of his tellings off?

I think my friend’s next move is to ask for copies of all the letters and emails in which he has abused any member of staff. At present they, and specifically the one I vetted before it was sent, are being used as an excuse to restrict his requested permission to view the dungeon in which his son is incarcerated all day.


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