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News and Comment October 2021

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5 October (Part 3) - GPs. It’s not cricket

My six monthly blood test was due at QEH yesterday and I turned up around 4 p.m. to find the waiting room empty. I have been there lots of times and sometimes been in and out very quickly, occasionally catching the same bus back to Woolwich as took me to the Hospital. (The terminus is only one stop away.) But there has never been no one there before.

I took off my pullover and didn’t notice that my mask fell to the floor. I asked why no queues and was told there would never be queues again as GP referrals had to book an appointment. Consultant referrals like me could walk in at any time.

I facetiously asked what a GP was. The phlebotomist got the joke straight away. They are people who for the most part refuse to see patients and hide themselves away while we have to see dozens of patients every day.

I noticed my mask on the floor. “Sorry”, I said, but was told not to worry as “we are vaccinated but put it on as you go out because the corridor is full of strangers”.

This is worrying on several counts. There is the absence of GPs which is a well known phenomenon but how can an empty blood test waiting room cope with the demand? The requirement for blood tests surely hasn’t changed? But maybe it has with some doctors effectively being on strike.

What does it say about vaccinations not stopping transmission? The hospital staff seem to have a different opinion to the Health Secretary, but he is a Conservative Cabinet Member and almost by definition, a liar intent on spreading fear as a precursor to his vaccination passport scheme.

I am a Member of a Cricket Club that can accommodate more than 10,000 people at its ground, well over. I told them this week that if the Government goes ahead with its latest tyranny my membership will have to end. They were very sympathetic and worried . Consocialism will hit their pockets very hard. You will need one to get your hair cut if the country descends further into dictatorship.

10,000 is the threshold above which there is no get out clause for dodging the passport requirement.


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