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News and Comment October 2021

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5 October (Part 4) - Bexley Council drops the financial ball again

I have not been inside a Post Office since Christmas 2018 when I bought a load of stamps calculated to last me two years. The local SE2 Post Office closed a month later and now I do not even know where there is a nearby Post Office. I suppose I could find one if I needed to but the stamps lasted me into the middle of this year since when I’ve cadged a few from a friend. It will be the reason why the nearest Crown Office is 35 minutes away on a train.

Not only have I given up on Post Offices so it would seem have Bexley Council. A year ago I noticed that Erith Post Office was on Bexley’s Asset Register. Wickes in Fraser Road and the Bexleyheath Job Centre too. They spent rather more on the Post Office than I did on stamps, £925,000.

But it is not on the Asset Register any more.

Sure enough the Land Registry suggests they have sold it.
Post Office sold
The Council sold the Erith warehouse at a loss to plug one of their financial gaps; now it seems they slipped another loss making sale under the radar. £25,000 down the drain. Marketing and legal fees extra!
Post Office bought
The overpaid whizz kids who run Bexley really are wonderful aren’t they?

Note: See also blog for 4th December 2021.


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