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News and Comment October 2021

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7 October (Part 1) - Promises promises

Tory TweetThe Tory spinners were out in force yesterday. Boris Johnson was spouting non-Conservative policies in Manchester which even if I supported them I wouldn’t believe given the Prime Minister’s relationship with the truth.

Here in Bexley similar things were happening.

The Conservatives were claiming to have kept all their 2018 manifesto promises. If so that is because they made so few.

• We will keep Council Tax low. (It has increased by the maximum permitted and and only seven other London boroughs charge more.)
• We will generate commercial income. (Don’t mention BexleyCo.)
• All Bexley Schools will be rated as Good or Outstanding. (Jubilee Primary is still rated Inadequate. Any more?)
• We will maintain three weekly cleaning of all residential roads. (Serco!)
• The welfare of children will be central to everything we do. (Closure of Children’s Centres.)
• We will deliver at least two extra hectares of green space. (Uncut grass verges presumably.)
• The Elizabeth Line will be opened and there are plenty of other big transport projects coming. (The model train at Hall Place?)
• We will prioritise social housing. (The inaction is largely responsible for Bexley’s financial predicament.)
• We will create a strong local economy. (Does anyone feel any richer?)

And the claim yesterday

• We have planted 1,000 street trees. (Has anyone seen them?)
• Bexley named number one recycling borough 16 years running. (Close but not actually true.)
• Children’s Services judged Outstanding (The transformation predated 2018.)
• Lesnes Abbey transformed with a £4m investment. (Another one that predates 2018 and paid for by the Lottery Fund. The final touches were made to it just after the 2018 election but only because the project ran a year late.)
• New Park in Sidcup. (Because they sold off half the old one.)
• Free Internet in town centres. (Paid for by someone else and would you dare get your expensive phone out in Broadway?)

2018 Manifesto : Promises fulfilled - possibly.


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