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News and Comment October 2021

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11 October (Part 1) - From Lord Hore-Belisha to Lord Haw Haw

On reflection Bexley Council’s Highways Manager’s fascinating assertion that the average Zebra in the borough sees 2·5 rear end shunts for every pedestrian involved in an accident on a crossing is an even bigger nonsense than I believed yesterday.

Leaving aside the fact that a car impacting a pedestrian might have very serious consequences and a rear end shunt will most likely only bend a couple of bumpers it is not even comparing like with like.

What Andrew Bashford should be doing is looking at the pedestrian accidents that would have occurred if the Zebra wasn’t there. A difficult comparison to make perhaps but his statistic with which he hopes to fool the gullible i.e. Councillors, is totally worthless. If his was a sensible viewpoint Zebras would be being withdrawn country-wide.

Maybe the comparison should be between the total number of pedestrian accidents in the borough and the total rear end shunts. Which exceeds the other? But it would still be a nonsense unless you think a bit of scuffed paint is as calamitous as crushed bones.

But then pretty well everything road related in Bexley is a nonsense. Several impossible to navigate roundabouts. Abbey Road too narrow for buses to pass each other. Pedestrian controlled traffic lights at all new roundabouts which lull drivers into believing they have right of way when green and which can block all four roads when red. The narrowed exit at the northern end of Penhill Road which causes an unnecessary polluting queue. The 20 m.p.h. limits on unpopulated dual carriageways. The unexplained nonsense in Bowness Road.

Idiocy almost everywhere you look.

If you read through the Penhill Road comment you will see that Bexley Council was arguing that you cannot put pedestrian crossings adjacent to roundabouts. They have a different lie with which to support every bad decision.


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