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News and Comment October 2021

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18 October (Part 2) - What’s their Lidl secret?

From BBC website Hugh Neal’s blog yesterday drew my attention to a not very interesting BBC webpage that included the reference to Bexley Council which you may read here and that was what made it slightly more interesting.

Bexley was said to be the primary authority for Lidl UK stores. What? A Council that has not always been very friendly towards the opening of new Lidl stores is in charge of them all?

Hugh was asking if anyone knew anything. I went to Bexley’s website and typed Lidl into the search box. Something very weird happened. I told Hugh and he found the same. Why is Bexley Council keeping its relationship with Bexley secret? Type in Waitrose or Tesco etc. and you find things relating to planning but type Lidl and you go shopping. Why?


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