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News and Comment October 2021

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28 October - Jubilee School

Despite the head mistress at Jubilee School telling my friend who put in a Subject Access Request that “the Trust will not tolerate the making of repeated requests for information” a pile of heavily redacted papers has landed on his doormat.

The covering letter emphasises that he should not show the contents to anyone but I read through it yesterday and can understand why the Trust would not be wanting the contents known more widely. The final page had unsurprisingly been endorsed “Absolute lies” which may well be fair comment.

Among them are several accusations that my friend, allegedly a bad parent neglecting his child, gets annoyed when faced with teachers who are unable or unwilling to help him. It looks to be more than a little contradictory. Would such a parent care?

I will spare you the detail of every accusation false or otherwise and relate only the big one which Bexley Council’s Social Services found to be completely untrue.

It was that my friend’s bad parenting extended to a failure to co-operate with medical professionals such that the boy was not being treated for his autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Throughout his son’s eight years of life I have watched my friend chasing various pediatricians looking for help from the best of them yet a failing inadequately managed Trust reported my friend to Bexley Council for investigation for not providing medical care.

Obviously the pediatrician and the GP gave my friend a good, almost glowing, report and far from not administering medication had given full co-operation when new courses were proposed. When he asked me what to do next I could only suggest seeing a libel lawyer.

Quite clearly the best course would be to find a new school. Jubilee might improve on its current Inadequate rating if pupils it is unable to handle were not there and the child might benefit by receiving at the very least a rudimentary education.

More easily said than done.

Three special schools have been approached so far. Two said the boy’s condition is not bad enough to warrant attendance. Throughout my visit yesterday he was playing quietly with his toys and only once becoming tearful when things did not go right for him.

The third school had no vacancies.

A proposal to find a fourth school has been languishing with an unresponsive Bexley Council for several months. What good does bragging about funding two new SEN schools in the borough do while they do nothing to fill them?

Maybe it is something to do with the nearest of them in Halt Robin Lane being run by the same inadequate Trust as Jubilee School.

if you say so Beverley…

The CEO of Trinitas Academy Trust was invited to speak at the recent Communities Scrutiny meeting but preferred to pass the job to a subordinate. Sounds about right.


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