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News and Comment October 2021

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30 October (Part 1) - Not a Silent Order at Lesnes Abbey

Just two weeks before the Consultation about destroying all hope of a quiet visit to Lesnes Abbey closes, Bexley Council has revealed the times at which partying in the park will be allowed which were strangely missing from their original notice.

It is all day every day.
Lesnes licensing

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Whoever it is who drafted this notice should be dismissed from Bexley Council, except that they can’t. It will be some prat in Sevenoaks who not only cannot spell Neighbourhood but thinks it is possible for objectors to visit a P.O. Box number to inspect his ill-considered proposals.

The ‘consideration’, such as it is, will have been by Cabinet Member Craske who for the past ten years or so has been on a mission to destroy the quality of life in Bexley except for kids on skateboards and BMX bikes.


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