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News and Comment September 2021

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4 September (Part 2) - For God’s sake go and go now

Danny HackettThis may be bit sad but I woke up at midnight not sleepy at all. A bad habit but with nowt else to do I looked at the phone - to think that ten years ago I was sure I would never own one - and a moment later (00.04 this morning) Councillor Hackett posted his thoughts on the Johnson government and he is absolutely right.

I used to think that Tony Blair would be the worst Prime Minister ever. Few disliked him more than I did. I remember exactly where I was when news came through of the Women’s Institute ladies booing him at their conference and rejoiced that it might be the beginning of the end. It wasn’t!

Could anyone sink lower than Tony? Of course they could. Boris Johnson never disappoints with his eternal quest to alienate every Conservative voter.

A tax raising tyrant intent on introducing Labour Lite, Commie Lite perhaps.

Your next car has to be electric, your next boiler must be a heat pump and neither is anywhere near market ready. A manifesto that promised no more tax on income, and separately an assurance that he had a plan for care home funding. Today it is all too obvious that one of them has to be a lie.

His government was going to deal with the over-population problem but instead he rescues in their thousands people of a different culture from war torn France.

Friends of the Government become millionaires on the back of Covid contracts at least 10% of which were a total waste of money. He shovels the infected elderly into care homes to ensure your grannie dies alone.

Boris believes in freedom of speech but only if Priti approves of it. We have an Institutionally Corrupt police force in London and he is steadfast in his support for it.

Johnson isn’t going to vaccinate teenagers against Covid because the risk outweighs the benefit. Then he faces the other way.

There’s going to be a vaccine passport to enter theatres and sports stadiums; then the threat is watered down to night clubs only in order to cajole the healthy young to take a vaccine which sometimes provokes serious side effects.

Then just when you think it is safe to enjoy life again he says the passport will be extended to all venues where large numbers of people gather.

It’s no longer about the science, this is about control of the individual worthy of East Germany and not a western democracy.

Another sad fact is that there is no one in his Cabinet who stands out as talented. All yes men dim enough to make Boris look relatively clever.

Every time I run into a new group of people the opinion of Johnson is the same; a spineless twat as one friend described him. At Lords on Thursday when fewer than 200 people watched Middlesex trounce Derbyshire I sat as a guest in the Members’ area surrounded by six people I had never met before. The chat during the break is the same as it always is, at least among 50 something males. Boris Johnson is simply insane on every policy that matters to such people. Sadiq Khan and Keir Starmer were not too popular either. Malign anti-British on the one hand and totally out of his depth on the other.

Not for the first time, I’m with Danny Hackett - and a few Conservative Councillors too whose public tongues are tied. We are seriously in the soup.

If Boris gets his way this will be my last season of cricket.


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