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News and Comment September 2021

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14 September (Part 2) - No one is happy

Jackie BeltonThe following email from within the Civic Offices has been slightly modified but the theme and notable phrases remain the same as the previous ones.

I can’t get over the irony of what I read here. Why Jackie B. came to Bexley in the short piece written at

It seems she came because everything was good so how could Bexley ever attract a new boss after she leaves?

The only way is no longer up. Things are not going to get better. It’s a tragedy.

Sorry, but having been at the Council since [date redacted as a security measure] I have seen the ups and downs. The heart of the Council has been ripped out and morale in many areas is rock bottom.

Some blame the politicians. I personally blame the senior officers. They do little but slap each other on the back and think the rest of us are happy to accept their BS.


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