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News and Comment September 2021

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19 September - You’re homeless? Then it must be your own silly fault

If the latest email from within the Civic Offices was published in full it might be possible for even Bexley’s poor management to pin down the source but the author clearly wants residents to know more of what goes on within the Civic Offices.

Even as set out below it might be traceable but maybe the author is a victim of the cuts, redundant and relatively safe.

It begins with “The rot in Bexley has truly set in”.

The email relates how a housing officer about to be made redundant was subjected to abuse by the Chief Executive “who told him in front of colleagues that she didn’t want to hear any more from him”. The actual words used are said to be too rude to be repeated.

The writer goes on to say that “Bexley’s housing crisis” is in part “due to the failure of BexleyCo to build affordable houses” and their “malaise” in all things.

After buying up property “for around five years the Council has a nice stock of two and three bedroom houses but they sit idle awaiting someone to modernise them”.

“Does Bexley Council care about the homeless?” is the writer’s question. The implied answer is no because the email goes on to say that “The current top brass and Council Members label those who turn up [at our door] as intentionally homeless because that is the easy thing to do”.

An appeal further delays matters.

The writer ends with a sarcastic “Bexley Council, Working For You”.


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