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News and Comment September 2021

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20 September (Part 1) - More crap and worse

C wordYesterday’s indirect reference to the bad language allegedly used within Bexley’s failing Council provoked a smattering of comment on Twitter but is not the first such reference to rude words here.

I personally heard a Conservative Councillor call a Labour Member a tosser and the Deputy Leader say that he “doesn’t read that crap” when someone referred to this website at a public meeting. Everyone heard it, Councillors confirmed it but he denied it. Nobody really cared but he had to lie, they knew no other way in 2013 and the habit still lingers.

My Labour ward Councillor has been on the receiving end of Tory invective. As reported four years ago; three See You Next Tuesdays and a Dickhead plus an implied punch in the mouth from the ruling party.

There have been references to the notorious N and P words too. Bexley Council is comprised of rather too many disreputable characters.


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