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News and Comment September 2021

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20 September (Part 2) - A process of elimination

TweetPlace your bets now about who dunnit

In the four years up to 2018 Bexley’s Cabinet included Councillors Linda ‘I can do what I like’ Bailey, Peter ‘Malcolm Knight is a wanker’ Craske, John Fuller, Don ‘Malcolm Knight harasses juveniles’ Massey, Philip ‘Malcolm Knight is a sad cretin’ Read, Alex Sawyer and Brad Smith.

Since then Bailey, Massey and Sawyer have left the Cabinet and Councillors Gower, Leaf and Munur have joined. Councillor Louie French managed to do both!

Which was the single Cabinet Member before 2017 who subsequently stood down? (See associated Tweet.) Don Massey by the looks of it. Bailey and Sawyer also left but remain Councillors.

Who was a Cabinet Member and still is in 2021? Peter Craske, John Fuller and Philip Read.

So which three Conservatives called the then Leader of the Labour Party a c*nt four years ago? The finger obviously points at one of the obnoxious pair from whom no one expects any better. Who else?

I am sure that John Fuller and Brad Smith would never indulge in such language and it is probably even safer to rule out Biffa Bailey which doesn’t leave a lot of choice. One of the obvious pair would not surprise me at all, the other a little bit.

If Councillor Francis is referring back to something that happened nearly eight or more years ago it opens up another equally obnoxious possibility.


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