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News and Comment September 2021

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25 September - Tweeting tripe

Thank goodness for @bexleynews because without them today would be a blogging blank as I head off without so much as a teaspoonful in the tank into the far distance.
Budget False claim
The famous fibbers Tweeted two days ago that the new Civic Offices were delivered on budget. The dodgy duo rely on residents having short memories.

In 2011 when Bexley Council decided to convert the old Woolwich Building Society edifice into a Town Hall, they said it would cost £36 million. The figure was confirmed in an old budget report. Nothing of that magnitude gets done on budget so the figure crept up to £42 million. (See also 2014 budget.) @bexleynews doesn’t want you to know that they are not perfect

The same Tweet implies that the move has saved £2 million a year. It is not what they said before…

1.5 million a year savings


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