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News and Comment September 2021

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29 September - The broken NHS

There is still a chunk of last week’s Scrutiny Committee meeting to be reported but there is simply no time for that sort of thing this week and at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday I must invoke the cop out procedure which is repeating what has come into the email Inbox.

Today I am going to have another go at getting a blood test which is needed for an imminent telephone appointment with QEH. Just a six monthly check.

It wasn’t going to be a telephone appointment but a letter changed all that. Then another letter came to tell me that I would be called by someone different to what was said in the first letter. What an absolute waste of money. Do I care who phones?

I feel hard done by; only two letters. One of my regular correspondents went through the usual neglect by Queen Elizabeth Hospital after an emergency procedure in January. Like me after an ultrasound scan at the beginning of the year he was left in limbo not knowing the result. I had to pester my GP for seven weeks, he was told by QEH the wait for an appointment with a consultant was eight months. Meanwhile no idea whether he was about to die or not. (†)

Then the usual routine; another letter. The consultant had decided not to see him but call on his landline at the same time instead. Then letter number three, the landline appointment had been shifted forward by ten minutes.

Letter four shifted the appointment forward by another five minutes, landline again. The call actually came a whole hour earlier than promised - on his mobile! What a useless shower they are in Stadium Road.

I am still waiting the result of an X-ray taken a month or so ago after an adverse reaction - or maybe coincidence - following the second Astra Zeneca ClotShot. Until I get the result the NHS can stuff any idea of a third injection.

Under Johnson and Co. the whole country has fallen apart.

† Fortunately a kindly soul in the consultant’s office read the report and whispered that he should not worry too much.


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