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News and Comment January 2022

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3 January (Part 2) - Tree Tweets

Counting the number of street trees in Bexley would present a knotty problem barely worth embarking upon although I understand records are kept and someone has rooted them out under FOI.

Trees Trees
Councillor Davey has clearly taken a guess at the number while in all probability Cabinet Member Craske had notice of Councillor Seymour’s question in Full Council when he said that there were 1,100 street trees and a Council Officer drafted his reply.

As always nothing is simple. Is 1,100 the total number of street trees in the borough or the number planted since Craske twigged about three years ago that not planting any trees at all was not his best idea? Just nutty.

Prior to that, street tree planting had been effectively banned from 2014.. Does the 1,100 include those for which individual residents paid £230 each? Doubtful; but it would be interesting to know how many stumped up.

Cabinet Member Craske says he has planted 1,100 trees. Full Council Meeting 3rd November 2021.

Note: Susan Hall is Conservative Leader at the GLA.


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