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News and Comment January 2022

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28 January (Part 1) - The Banana Republic that is Boris’s Britain

A first use of the new fibre connection. My ISP remotely created a VPN from Port 3 to Port 0 of the Cisco router which leads to my LAN. Plugged in and away it went providing nothing new apart from a painful leg and bloodied nose. If Openreach had laid their cable where they could have done instead of taking the lazy route I would not now be hobbling around.

This afternoon my ISP technician is coming round to swap the old Cisco router for a new one. not a service you get from BT.

Just what is Cressida Dick doing? Prepared to spend up to a reported £2 million of our money investigating an allegation of a minor crime. Forget Government hypocrisy, that is not yet a criminal offence; if the Prime Minister and his friends broke the law and Priti Patel had snitched on him as she recommended we should on our neighbours, party attendees might be up for a £100 fixed penalty notice. Boris Johnson would have endangered the public more by speeding in his car.

I never thought I might feel a smidgen of sympathy for Boris Johnson again but the Institutionally Corrupt Metropolitan Police have somehow created the right circumstances.

There has to be something deeply corrupt about the present situation. Usually Government and Police protect each other and I have not yet worked out how that can be the case here. Why does Dick think she has the right to have Sue Gray’s report redacted? She has no right to stop publication of anything until someone is charged with an offence.

Dick always assumes she is above the law as she did on Westminster Bridge.

Maybe Dick is protecting Johnson; news has come in as I write that she is now looking at a criminal investigation. It can only be part of a delaying tactic.

The country must be more corrupt than even I would have believed. Meanwhile a war is brewing in Ukraine. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus all over again with a touch of Caligula.

As if there are not enough problems my new neighbour appears to be happy throwing rubbish down the bog and the main sewer pipe which runs under my property is blocked with crap oozing from the manhole cover. Never a problem with it in 35 years but the pipe cannot cope with seven people in a house who have little understanding of drains.

It looks like tomorrow will be a smelly day. Fortunately I have all the gear needed for such a job.


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