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News and Comment December 2011

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9 December (Part 2) - Petition against excessive salaries

The Petitioners2,219 signatures calling for Bexley council to fall into line with government policy on senior staff salaries was handed in at the Civic Centre this afternoon. It would have been nice to report that it was graciously accepted by a ‘Listening Council’ but in practice it was taken by a council officer and in fewer than two minutes the deed was done. Permission to take photographs was refused and the one to the left was staged a moment or two later.

I see from Bexley’s parking accounts that councillor Craske claims that “many parking restrictions have been introduced in response to requests from residents. In 2010/11 over 60 requests were made for new parking restrictions, so this is a service that responds to the demands of residents”. Presumably all the other Cabinet members will take a similar progressive view to councillor Craske and respond positively to a far greater number of requests for action. Or should I be uncharacteristically cynical and point out that one provides the council with more revenue and the other might derail its gravy train?


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