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News and Comment July 2011

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16 July - Before and After - a vindictive, spiteful, secretive, dishonest council got to work
16 July -
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I expect almost everyone who lives in the borough is familiar with the North Cray Road, Bexley’s dual carriageway to nowhere. It was built at least 25 years ago, I know that because I have lived in the borough 25 years and a local friend drove me around before moving in, including a trip along the then 60 m.p.h. road, and still it ends at the approach to Bexley village with no sign of a bypass on the plans. After the roundabout the road degenerates into little more than a narrow lane, scene of much congestion. If you go that way, spare a thought for the people living on your left, they can park on their front gardens but if they have more than one guest there is nowhere to leave an extra car.

It wasn’t always like that. Until a vindictive and spiteful Bexley council decided to take another of their regular steps aimed at reducing the quality of life for residents, there were two or three parking spaces near the roundabout. For a quarter of a century a small layby adjacent to the roundabout had provided a welcome space for a couple of small cars and never caused any problem. If necessary a road leading to a private estate could be pressed into service, but now it is all double yellow lines.

The residents have written complaints to the council but are fobbed off with comments along the lines of “it’s done now and we aren’t going to undo it”. I suppose Mike Frizoni (Deputy Director, Public Realm Management) and his band of cretins must tour the borough on a regular basis looking for places to install more revenue raising yellow lines.


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