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News and Comment June 2019

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2 June - Bonkers. Where next?

If you have been a close observer of this blog over the years you will very likely have noticed a huge reduction in the number of reports of scandalous and downright dishonest goings on at Bexley Council.

I would like to think that it is a direct result of putting them under close scrutiny both here and across Social Media generally but I suspect webcasting has had something to do with it too.

We will never know for sure but my suspicion is that the real reason is that the bad guys are no longer in Bexley. I sometimes wonder if it is worth continuing with the blog; it is very obvious from visitor numbers that readers want to read bad things about Bexley Council - and there is no longer a daily supply of it.

Over the year to date several small concessions have been made towards Bexley Council, you can’t keep raking old things up if they have mended their ways. Everyone deserves a second chance.

So today Bonkers announces the completion of a big weed out of old stuff. The beneficiaries are Councillors Peter Craske - the obscene blog stuff and the catalogue of parking fibs have gone . Val Clark - the summary of her year as Mayor is banished. Cheryl Bacon is no longer featured - her minor transgression of the Local Government Act led to various people who should have known better lying on her behalf.

Sent to the Recycling Bin is Councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis for her misjudged exhibition at the Royal Charlotte public house. Melvin Seymour for making a malicious allegation against former Bexley blogger John Kerlen, possibly after being misinformed but possibly not. All gone. Ditto Linda Bailey for setting upon John Kerlen when he poked a camera through a doorway. All history now.

Other beneficiaries are Councillors Campbell, Massey and Fothergill all of whom are no longer Members of Bexley Council. All critical comment is removed and with luck we will never see their like in Council again.

The past is the past. Going soft in my old age? Probably.

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