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News and Comment January 2020

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28 January (Part 1) - My Old Man’s A Dustman

Unite Unite UniteIt’s been a long time since I rolled up to a Council meeting to find protestors on the steps outside. It was yesterday.

The flags told me the Unite Union was behind it and a Councillor told me they were Serco employees complaining about their conditions of employment. She said they were paid much less than their counterparts in Greenwich and had had enough of it.

That seems unfair if true especially - and I know this is not a universal view - they do a pretty good job in my street going beyond the regular call of duty by returning bins to the preferred place in my garden and not leaving them all over the road.

And then they went and ruined it all.

The Cabinet meeting had only just begun when someone thought it was clever to bang on the windows (from the car park to the rear) every second or two for around 20 minutes and loudly play Lonnie Donegan songs over their loud hailer.

Bad behaviour is too often the way with Lefty politics although I suppose I could name a small number of local Tories who are not above that sort of thing either.

The Finance Director’s report was pretty much inaudible in the public gallery and I gave up trying to hear what he was saying hoping that the webcast microphones would pick it up. It was surprising that no Cabinet Member commented directly or maybe that was another thing I couldn’t hear.

When I left 20 minutes after the racket stopped - thrown out while dirty deals were discussed in more detail - I noted a police car parked on the pavement outside. Maybe one of the security staff had done the necessary.


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