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Complaint against Mrs. Lynn Tyler for making untruthful statements

Public Realm meeting of 19th June 2013

Response - Review

Dear Mr. Tuckley,

This email constitutes a formal complaint against Mrs. Lynn Tyler for making untruthful statements which imply wrong doing by myself on the evening of 19th June 2013.

I have seen a copy of the letter Mrs. Tyler sent to Mr. M. Barnbrook of Blackfen on 11th September 2013 about the events of 19th June when I was unlawfully excluded from a Public Meeting. Mrs. Tyler is guilty of distributing untruthful statements to support that illegal exclusion and this must cease forthwith.

In particular she said that a "group of people causing disruption, would not desist and refused to leave. These persons, including you [Mr. Barnbrook] only left when asked to do so by the police".

This is untrue at every level. There was no group causing disruption and even if there was I was not part of it as the council has acknowledged in later correspondence. I sat apart from 'the group' and neither called out, as alleged, nor waved copies of the DCLG guidance; I had no papers to wave. In fact I said not a single word throughout the proceedings. I urge you to speak to Councillor June Slaughter who sat alongside me throughout and must know exactly what transpired. Mrs. Tyler is quite clearly specially selecting so called witnesses who are willing to lie.

Mrs. Tyler's allegation that I was asked to leave by the police I regard as serious and grossly offensive. Mrs. Tyler must know that what she said is wrong. No Councillor, Officer or Hallkeeper was present while the police spoke to me and others. On private property the police would have no power to evict me only to oversee one of your people asking me to leave, but none were there. The police asked what our plans were and it was me who replied that "we are going home".

Only your dishonest council has suggested otherwise. The police have confirmed that no offence was committed. No civil offence, ie. Refusing to leave at the council's request and no criminal offence either. Put simply, Mrs. Tyler is lying. What she said did not take place nor could it have done. Because no Councillor or Officer was present Mr. Hackett, the Labour candidate for Lesnes, was able to take photographs in the Chamber unimpeded because he too was excluded from the reconvened meeting.

Presumably no one at the Civic Centre has been prepared to speak the truth on the record but I know, and have evidence, that others are fully aware of what the council is doing and suitably ashamed of it. If this situation is not to escalate further may I suggest you call a meeting with Councillor Slaughter who was nearest to me and should know exactly what I did at that meeting and with the Hallkeeper so that he can confirm that he did not accompany the police to the Council Chamber, and myself, all present.

Why can't you be sensible and say that Councillor Cheryl Bacon made a procedural error and Mr. Moore has issued guidance to ensure no repetition; and allow the issue to die? Or have too many lies been piled one upon the other in a vain effort to protect one Councillor from short-term embarrassment to prevent the long-term embarrassment which is otherwise sure to follow?

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Knight

23 September 2013

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