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Complaint following councillor Cheryl Bacon
holding a Public Meeting in Closed Session


Dear Mr. Tuckley,

It is now more than six weeks since I registered a formal complaint against Councillor Cheryl Bacon for illegally excluding me from a public council meeting and your council's complaints procedure requires you to answer within five days or give a reason for not doing so.

Since I first wrote to you on 6th September a number of documents relating to the incident have come to light and analysis of them clearly shows inconsistencies from which it becomes obvious that Councillor Bacon invented her story about me and others. Her statement about a group of people (including myself) constantly shouting is simply a lie and not supported by any other witness.

I understand that two of your carefully selected witnesses deny some of what was written in their names and others have come forward to support my contention that during the relevant meeting I said absolutely nothing. My exclusion was illegal. When are you going to answer my complaint and bring Councillor Bacon to account?

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Knight

21st October 2013

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