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Request for review of complaint against councillor Cheryl Bacon

Public Realm meeting of 19th June 2013

Her response

Dear Mr. Moore,

I am not satisfied with Mrs. Tyler's response dated 25th October 2013 to my complaint that councillor Cheryl Bacon unlawfully excluded me from a public meeting on 19th June and this email is my request for a review.

In other correspondence (not all of it addressed to me) Mrs. Tyler and Mr. Hollier have accused me of shouting, waving papers, remonstrating, refusing to leave the building at the request of the Hallkeeper and eventually being ejected by the police on 19th June, all of which is totally untrue. Mrs. Tyler has concluded that councillor Bacon has not, by her own almost completely false account of the evening, breached the members' code of conduct.

Mrs. Tyler's reasoning is puzzling. She finds councillor Bacon was not in error when she decided against a vote before moving into Closed Session. This is irrelevant, I did not mention or complain about voting.

Mrs. Tyler has said that councillor Bacon was not in breach of any Standing Order. Once again irrelevant as I made no such complaint.

Mrs. Tyler makes reference to a "debacle" and a "member of the public reading the guidance about attending public meetings issued by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government". My complaint did not include the word debacle or the phrase about the DCLG nor did I make any reference to "councillor Bacon prevented the meeting from continuing". Not a word of Mrs. Tyler's summary is true, a fact easily confirmed by reading my complaint again. Mrs. Tyler would appear to be creating fictional complaints to suit her lame excuses.

My complaint was that councillor Bacon had written untruthful statements about myself and others and that these were being sent to other members of the public labelling me a trouble maker when the fact is I sat quietly and said absolutely nothing during the meeting.

As you know from other correspondence, I have written support for that statement from members of both political parties.

Mrs. Tyler is clearly not the diligent person acting with integrity to whom Mr. Hollier referred. She has not addressed any part of my complaint and, not for the first time, has failed to seek corroboration of my claim to have said and done nothing and that my exclusion from a public meeting was unwarranted. If she had done so she would find councillors willing to speak the truth. Her continued misconduct through the deliberate placing of obstacles in the way of justice will inevitably lead to action elsewhere.

If I may summarise the position, councillor Bacon accused a group of people including myself of creating a disturbance, none of your chosen witnesses confirmed it and more than a handful of witnesses are ready to confirm that the disturbance described by councillor Bacon did not take place. Two senior council officers have strenuously supported councillor Bacon's account despite neither of them being at the meeting and having only councillor Bacon's account to fall back on. This is as stupid as it is dishonest. I trust you will be the first to explore the avenues I have indicated to arrive at the truth.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Knight

5th November 2013

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