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Complaint against Bexley’s Head of Human Resources, Nick Hollier
for refusing to look for the truth over councillor Cheryl Bacon
holding a Public Meeting in Closed Session

Public Realm meeting of 19th June 2013

Dear Mr. Tuckley,

I wrote to you on 23rd September 2013 to complain about Mrs. Lynn Tyler. She had written to Mr. Barnbrook more than once and told him that I was part of a group shouting, remonstrating and waving papers at the Public Realm, Community Safety, Economic Development and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee (PRCSEDROSC) on 19th June 2013 as a result of which I was prevented from attending the meeting and listening to the presentation of the plans for Sidcup High Street. The latter will be a matter for the Local Government Ombudsman in due course, the personal information sent to Mr. Barnbrook accusing me and others of bad behaviour is a matter for the Information Commissioner.

In my first email I asked you to interview members of the Committee other than councillor Cheryl Bacon to get at the truth of this matter. I know, because I have relevant email correspondence, that my claim to have said nothing during the meeting will be supported.

Instead of making that most basic attempt to get at the truth you have allowed Mr. Hollier to answer my complaint by reference only to councillor Bacon's statement to Mrs. Tyler. A somewhat circular turn of events as I am sure you would agree. Councillor Bacon made a largely false statement and sooner or later you will have to accept that she did. Refusing to make further enquiries merely illustrates the endemic dishonesty within Bexley council.

Not only has Mr. Hollier refused to carry out a proper investigation he has seen fit to turn the tables on me. He has said that my complaint is hostile, abusive and offensive. The strongest word I used was lying, a word I used only once.

A complaint that Mrs. Tyler has passed untrue statements to members of the public - she sent similar letters to three people I know of - is likely to refer to a lie. Is Mr. Hollier telling me that council officers are free to lie because to accuse them of so doing will be ruled out of order under your abusive language rules?

I would be obliged if you could tell me where the abusive language in my letter of 23rd September is to be found. If suggesting that Mrs. Tyler has lied is offensive, is not ruling in her favour as I requested at least equally offensive, perhaps more so given Mr. Hollier's refusal to seek out the truth, for he is effectively labelling me a liar?

Whilst this email should be regarded as a formal complaint against Mr. Hollier I do not intend to wait another month for another response. If by 14th November 2013 I have not received confirmation that all members of the PRCSEDOSC present on 19th June are to be asked whether or not I made any sound or waved any papers I shall take a leaf out of Mr. Barnbrook's book and report Mrs. Tyler, Mr. Hollier and yourself to the Specialist and Economic Crime Unit at New Scotland Yard for Misconduct in Public Office and supply the police with the names of councillors who have indicated to me, some in writing, that they are willing to tell you the truth, but you are unwilling to listen.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Knight

28th October 2013

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