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Chief Inspector Gowen

1) His email to his ‘partners’ mistakenly advising them that Bonkers was to be prosecuted
2) My complaint to C.I. Gowen - which was ignored
3) My complaint to the Directorate of Professional Standards
4) The Chief Inspector’s reply
5) My response

The reason for making a formal complaint about a mistake which viewed in isolation might be seen as relatively trivial was two fold. Firstly it wasn’t an isolated mistake, there has been a long history of confusion by the police between Bonkers and You’ve been Cromwelled but more importantly C.I. Gowen's department had informed me only a few days earlier that complaints are investigated on the basis of what a reasonable person might expect and went on to say that a police officer at Bexleyheath police station could not be located in six whole months of searching and because of that a complaint could not be entertained! Not what a reasonable person would expect. That reasonable person might also expect a couple of words of apology for what was in effect libel. There was no answer from the head of Bexleyheath police’s Professional Standards Unit. I did not consider that yet another lapse should be overlooked.

Dear all,

Please see the following recent news stories for your information and onward transmission as you deem appropriate

Bexley is Bonkers

XXXX XXXXX aka Ollie Cromwell who used his blog to abuse councillors and local authority staff in recent months has been charged with offences of Harassment under Prevention of Harassment Act and is to appear at Bexley magistrates court on 7th November 2011.

Tony Gowen

Partnership/CJU/CMU/ Professional Standards Chief Inspector
Bexley Borough (RY) Bexleyheath Police Station
2 Arnsberg Way,

Dear Chief Inspector Gowen,

It has been brought to my attention that you circulated to a wide audience under the heading 'Bexley is Bonkers' news of charges made under the Prevention of Harassment Act. I have reason to believe that Bexleyheath police have made this mistake before.

Can you provide me with any reason why I should not report you to the Directorate of Professional Services?

Your sincerely,

Complaint to Directorate of Professional Standards
Letter from Chief Inspector Gowen
Letter to Chief Inspector Gowen
Letter to Chief Inspector Gowen
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