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Maxine Fothergill and the Code of Conduct Committee

The following blogs provide information about unspecified allegations against Councillor Maxine Fothergill for which Bexley Council found her guilty of obtaining a perceived financial advantage for herself (not an actual one you will note) and bringing Bexley Council into disrepute.
Over time it became apparent, well beyond any reasonable doubt, that the case against Maxine Fothergill was in every respect a dishonest attempt to pervert the course of justice. A wholly fabricated allegation without any foundation whatsoever which circumstantial evidence suggests was instituted by Council Leader Teresa O’Neill in connivance with Councillor Cheryl Bacon, Chairman of the Code of Conduct Committee.
For this reason many have been withdrawn.


Maxine Fothergill is innocent, OK? - 17th September 2016
See you in Court - 13th September 2016
Another collection of oddments - 12th August 2016
They make up their own rules and then ignore them when it suits - 27th July 2016
Murky goings on in Bexley. Who wrote what? - 25th May 2016
Another long winded quest for the truth - 24th May 2016
Whatever was she thinking of? - 19th May 2016
They are Judge and Jury when dealing with the public - 1st April 2016
Choose the simple option. Assume it’s a lie, it usually is - 8th March 2016
Councillor Fothergill. A step too far - 18th February 2016
Not another complaint! - 13th February 2016
Not held, held but exempt. It all gets too confusing - 12th February 2016
Curiouser and curiouser - 11th February 2016
Bexley Council. Perceived to be self-serving liars - 9th February 2016
Cheque checked - 7th February 2016
Chairman Cheryl can’t confirm comments. Complaint composed - 7th February 2016
Ignorance is bliss - 6th February 2016
More money before morality - 4th February 2016
Where is she now? - 1st February 2016
A stroke of luck - 29th January 2016
We’re saying nothing and we don’t like residents nosing into Council business - 29th January 2016
I’m reviewing the situation - 28th January 2016
Where’s the crime? - 28th January 2016
How the other half spends - 27th January 2016
How, or maybe where, the other half lives - 27th January 2016
It’s Maxine Fothergill Day - 26th January 2016
An illegal erection - 23rd January 2016
The power of the internet - 22nd January 2016
Dodging the question. Definitely dodgy dealing - 18th January 2016
Hiding their identities - 16th January 2016
Web Wars - 16th January 2016
Very very fishy - 15th January 2016
The more one hears the worse it gets - 13th January 2016
They will not know - 12th January 2016
A transparency request. Naive or not? Time will tell - 11th January 2016
When is a crime not a crime? When a councillor’s guilty - 8th January 2016
Honour among thieves? - 6th January 2016
Maximising personal gain is her business. Maximising embarrassment is BiB’s - 4th January 2016
Perceived to be nest feathering. Bring down the shutters quick - 30th December 2015
Councillor Maxine Fothergill. Bringing ill repute - 23rd December 2015
Who has been a naughty boy or girl? - 19th December 2015
Bexley and Tower Hamlets. Contrast and compare - 14th December 2015
Open and transparent? I don’t think so - 8th December 2015

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