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Bexley council sets a trap in Sidcup

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Sidcup The regeneration of Sidcup at a cost of £1·8 million produced very little of real worth.. A few nice new shop fronts, a new road surface promptly dug up by Thames Water, new paving no different to that that was there before apart from being cleaner, and a huge new parking trap to raise money for a cash strapped council.

There are no yellow lines in the centre of Sidcup, motorists are expected to read a roadside sign on entry to the High Street which says no parking anywhere unless specifically permitted. To complete the trap, Bexley council, has provided nice little parking bays which aren’t parking bays. Bexley council has also increased the level of fines imposed to £100.

The News Shopper carried a detailed report including criticism by councillor June Slaughter.

March 2015
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