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Cycle path idiocy

6th September 2009

Cyclists turn right

For cyclists turning right. Stop at the line and wait for the impact. The old green cycle track has since been erased.

Cycle path to road transition

From carefree ride along the path to the busy road.

Bus stop diversion

Cyclists are among the most law-abiding people in the land, so here they halt before taking to the road to avoid alighting bus passengers. I think not!

Soviet barracks

Take a closer look at the Soviet barrack style block that Bexley council has approved.

Soviet barracks

The same block six weeks later. Bexley council seems to have had second thoughts about their Soviet barracks and turned it into a high security prison block instead, with an ugly metal fence. Speaks volumes for the success of their law and order policies presumably. The pavement is still unfinished.

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