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More parking scams by Bexley council

18th September 2009

Commuter's cars

This is the scene in Abbey Road, Belvedere just after 9 a.m. Eight motorists have been fooled by Bexley’s underhand tactics. Not a cone in sight.

Parking restriction sign

You can see here how they achieved it. Put a notice on a pole beyond the free parking zone adjacent to the arrow and a couple of cones in the road. Look hard you can just see them. Any sensible motorist would park to the left of the parking zone sign wouldn’t they, and go to work with a clear conscience?

Penalty notices

Here is the scene a few minutes after 11am. Parking on the opposite side of the road is forbidden between 11am and 1pm to stop commuter use. You can just imagine the glee on the face of some nasty little vulture as he bagged a dozen innocents in one go. The fact that there is not a yellow line, cone or warning sign anywhere nearby and the only parking sign says ‘Free’ doesn’t bother the rotten borough of Bexley one little bit.

No warnings!

By 12.30 the warning sign had mysteriously disappeared. Drivers returning to their ticketed cars will not have a clue as to why they are to be fined. You can judge the time of day by the way the shadows show the sun is a bit to the west of south. Councillor Davey was informed of this injustice but he simply wasn’t interested.

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