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U-turn in Brampton Road?

16th May 2010

44 Casualities

The more they install obstacles the higher the number goes. Have the monkeys puzzled over this and come to the obvious conclusion? Is the roundabout sign a hazard too, it’s facing the wrong way.

Crash site

A demolished wall and damaged car in Brampton Road.

Road closed

Road closed for two weeks while Bexley council goes back to square one.

Kerb moved

The kerb stones are restored to their traditional and more sensible place.

Albury Avenue

Something else is going on but it isn’t obvious what it is…


…but here it looks like utility works to me with various exposed conduits. Soon after this roundabout was installed I was approaching it from the railway bridge, just out of view here, and a Jaguar waited for me to cross. Just as I got to the white line it pulled out, turning right, giving me no time to stop. Fortunately I was going slow enough to swing around to my left and just avoid a collision. There was no clue as to why the Jaguar driver waited for so long, he could have safely pulled out if he had acted sooner.

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