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Fencing Lesnes Abbey - What a total waste of money

4th July 2010

Motorcycle LX05 XKD

On 30 June I mentioned that Bexley council were bragging in their magazine about putting metal railings around Lesnes Abbey woods (and several other parks in the North of the borough) in a vain attempt to exclude motorcyclists. They are ugly and do not comply with disability law and similar fences in Bromley have killed motorists who collide with them. If the fences fail in their objective then this massive expenditure has to be a total waste of taxpayers’ money as well as being a considerable inconvenience to the law-abiding. Would any sensible person ever believe it is possible to allow most people free access to a park but exclude others without installing military style security permanently patrolled by armed guards? Of course not, but Bexley council is not noted for common-sense or logical thought.

This afternoon I was strolling through the woods with a friend who was carrying his video camera. As these two lads passed by he had the presence of mind to press the record button.

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