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Bexley council - More job creation

25th July 2010

Corner made more difficult

A left turn which was easy is made as difficult as possible. However pedestrians may benefit. I can never understand why Bexley council refuses to provide Zebra crossing at junctions like these but they have told me they are not a good idea.

Island made wider

Presumably the cross-hatching will be removed. There is very little of the original eastbound carriageway left.

Corner made more difficult

A very big chunk of road has been lost. Eastbound traffic which used to be able to slip away easily will now have to wait their turn holding up vehicles which are going in a different direction. Bexley council loves congestion and queues.

Wickham Lane disruption

A new roundabout in Upper Wickham Lane. Oakhampton Crescent to the right. I was not aware that turning into Oakhampton Crescent causes a problem, I’ve not seen more than a short queue for which a special lane was provided. The problem arises for traffic coming from Lodge Hill heading for Upper Wickham Lane. It isn’t yet obvious how that will be helped.

Lodge Hill closed

As has become the norm with Bexley council, contempt for the motorist is displayed by Lodge Hill being closed northbound. The bus route which operates southbound only is protected…

Dangerous junction

…but there is no protection for the traffic which has to carefully merge at this point.

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