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There are conscientious people working for Bexley council

4th January 2011

Gully temporarily fixed

I found the response of Bexley’s out-of-hours emergency service to my report of dangerous ‘drain holes’ a little disappointing. A case of “Listening to you” but not “Working for you”. Yesterday I emailed the ‘Head of Area Teams & Northern Area Manager’ with the same information. He is someone who has always responded very positively to several similar reports in the past and this was no exception. Within a couple of hours temporary repairs had been effected which should prevent motorcyclists coming a cropper. I feel I should name this individual but I fear that to be praised here falls into a similar category to whistleblowers who expose paedophilia and thieving and get sacked by councillor Campbell for their trouble.

Thames water hole temporarily fixed

It’s a pity that fixing other hazards isn’t handled by the same department. This keep left bollard (photographed at night two days ago) has been in some sort of mess for something like 18 months despite several visits by F.M. Conway and others. It is still not concreted in but at least it does now illuminate after dark.

Unfinished pedestrian refuge
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