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Three more missing parking meters

15th January 2011

Parking meters replaced by double yellow lines

Howard Ward-Corderoy’s boast (reported 12th January) that Bexley council installs double yellow lines “to show members of the public that if meters were stolen drastic action would be taken” perfectly illustrates that its main priority is too often to wage war against residents and if the council breaks the law in the process it simply doesn’t care. It’s not the first time I have reported Bexley council changing parking regulations without bothering to go through the legal processes. How many innocent motorists are forced to pay fines because of Bexley council’s brazen abuse of the law?

The photographs taken in Devonshire Road, a turning off The Broadway in Bexleyheath, show the scars in the pavement where the meters once were and the newly painted illegal yellow lines. I understand that local businesses who will suffer more loss of trade are still pursuing the matter with the habitual liar, Craske. So far he has gone to ground but if there are any developments I have been promised a full report. Speaking of the liar Craske, I noticed that some versions of January’s The Chronicle (Page 2, third item) carry a reference to Craske lying at the council meeting last November. How does he get away with it? Ah, I just remembered, Bexley’s Standards Board has been filled with Conservative councillors so ordinary members of the public are virtually powerless to complain.

Parking meters replaced by double yellow lines
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