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Good news. Bad news

26th January 2011

Free parking bays, Abbey Road

The correspondent who earlier this month referred me to the illegal application of yellow lines in Abbey Road and Devonshire Road has achieved a minor victory over Bexley council; they have conceded that they have been breaking the law and the lines in both places have been removed and replaced by free parking bays. I bet that confuses any motorist who decides to park in one, unrestricted parking is unheard of in the centre of Bexleyheath.

But the good news stops there, the council have said this is a temporary measure while they dream up another way of fleecing the motorist; it was said a mobile telephone based payment system is favoured. So another expensive system with lots of potential for wrong charges - as has been reported from Bromley where the council experimented with such a system. Further bad news is that Bexley council has no intention of tracing the motorists it illegally fined for parking on an unauthorised yellow line. Dishonesty is standard procedure in Bexley.

Continuing the Bad News/Good News theme; parking fines are to go up across London by £10 but you may be surprised to learn that councillor Craske voted against the increase. How that fits in with his local policy of bleeding motorists dry and cooking the books if it aids his evil schemes I have no idea. I’d like to think that he has turned over a new leaf but as the news is six weeks old and his madness has been much in evidence since it seems that any optimism would be ill-founded.

Free parking bays, Devonshire Road
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