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Tough luck Waltham Forest

11th February 2011


Only yesterday I was contrasting how Waltham Forest council deals with residents with the contempt which Bexley hands down to its own, so I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read today’s Waltham Forest Guardian and saw that Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill is to advise Waltham Forest on subjects including housing, transport and employment.

One reason for continuing with this site is the possibly vain hope that it might embarrass the council into acting in the interest of residents rather than their own egos and pockets so it was satisfying to receive a written leak which purports to come from the council offices saying the top brass check it out each morning. It is satisfying too that a Google or Yahoo search for “Bexley council” puts Bonkers right under the council’s paid for entry. I slipped up recently by giving a link to the Bexley Voluntary Service Council website which promptly overtook Bonkers on Google thanks to that boost. But thanks to a bit of technical jiggery pokery Bonkers is now back next to the council’s site listing embarrassing those who unjustly set out to penalise the residents they should be serving.

Yahoo, I note, puts another anti-Bexley council website on its front page. The Bexley Council Monitoring Group website developed by John Watson is gradually expanding.

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