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Parking charges up by 25%.
Charging extended to evenings and Sundays

28th March 2011

Civic Centre parking

Bexley council is expecting parking revenue to fall during the next year by about half a million pounds. Their reaction is exactly what you would expect from the meagre intellect that fills the Civic Centre, they are increasing all the charges and extending chargeable hours to Sundays and through the night in Bexleyheath; except at the Cinema car park where the terms of the lease forbid it.

This will result in privately operated car parks costing 50 pence an hour and the council ones which are close by or even adjacent costing twice as much. The current price differential results in council car parks lying half empty while cars queue for the supermarket’s car parks so the situation can only get worse. Last Friday afternoon I photographed all of Bexleyheath’s central car parks within the space of 20 minutes. The result may be seen on a new feature page.

Bexley council claims that the increased charges will produce £208,000 of additional revenue. That is going to depend on how many people decide to vote with their steering wheels.

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