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We’re skint, but we can afford this

14th May 2011

Shops and parking places

Here we go again. A road restricted for no advantage except that it provides work for idle hands to do. Perhaps it will go the same way as the Brampton Road width restrictors and be removed in a few years time. Do we really need a ramp warning before a ‘No entry’?

The road shown does nothing other than serve as a parking area for the shops by Belvedere station plus a place for delivery vehicles to stop. It’s not used as a race track, it’s far too narrow and congested for that. Nevertheless Bexley council thinks it should spend some of your money on pointless restrictions. The delivery lorries will quite likely go up on the pavement on their way out. It’s another little problem for business but Bexley council won’t care about that.

A document issued by The Department of Transport a couple of days ago says “We are freeing local authorities from central government control and letting them determine their own solutions”. All government departments seem to be under the impression that local authorities are competent and not vindictive money-grabbers. There are some very interesting tables and graphs in that document and I do hope the Notomob take note of the statistics when going about their business of helping Bexley’s gestapo wagons.

Width restriction
Pavement extended
Width restriction

Davis’s electrical shop. First established there as a bike shop more than 100 years ago. It offers keen prices and exceptional service. All my electrical appliances have come from there.

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