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Notomob support Martin Peaple

14th May 2011

More photos of the event
Martin Peaple with his sign

Because Bexley council called in the cops to try to scare Mr. Peaple, the Sidcup man who tried to warn potential customers of the perils of parking outside his shop, the Notomob turned up in Bexley in considerable numbers today to show support. While attending the event I heard how Bexley council, if not actively spreading misinformation to its parking contractor’s staff, is certainly impeding Notomob’s message to them. This is that Notomob are there to help them conduct parking enforcement lawfully and to assist in their proper aim of reducing parking infringements to zero. They are against ‘revenue driven’ enforcement. i.e. hiding up side streets with long lenses and not making their signage obvious, but basically Notomob is on the side of the enforcement staff and their assistance would, if circumstances demanded it, extend to helping parking enforcement staff should any member of the public become aggressive towards them.

It’s a win-win situation; while Notomob is on the scene parking staff are safe and motorists are dissuaded from breaking parking regulations. Councillor Craske may not be happy that revenue from fines is decreasing but if he could possibly bring himself to be honest with himself he may remember that extracting the maximum fine revenue from motorists is not what parking regulations are all about - not if he obeys the law anyway.

Notomob member Spica
Notomob banner
Notomob assembles before going into action

On the way home I spotted a gestapo wagon parked at the Bexley end of North Cray Road. Why it was there is anyone’s guess as no one is very likely to stop on a bus stop on a dual carriageway with very few houses nearby. As a safety measure it is an utter failure. Why aren’t they in and around the shopping areas on a Saturday morning? Scared it might give Notomob too much publicity perhaps? It’s a bit late for that, most motorists seem to know who they are after the News Shopper publicity and give them a friendly hoot as they go by.

Gestapo wagon in North Cray Road
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