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The artful fee dodger

15th May 2011

Arts Council broken front page

The image above shows what you currently get if you try to find The Arts Council of Bexley on the web. Bit of a mess isn’t it? The Home page seems to have gone missing and it’s been like it for a week. The Arts Council of Bexley is funded by Bexley council taxpayers and has been accused of carrying links to Conservative party sites; something that has been defended in the council chamber. You can see by the list of folders that it includes folders for ETCA (Erith & Thamesmead Conservatives) and Lesnes (Lesnes Abbey Conservatives). Thanks to this technical glitch I can now see with near certainty what councillor John Davey, who has claimed responsibility for the website in a letter to a newspaper, has been up to.

Apologies if this is a little bit on the techie side but Davey has arranged that his political domain names (the bit that goes before the or whatever) doesn’t go to web storage space that is dedicated to that domain which would be the orthodox way of going about providing a website; he has fixed things so that his Conservative party address is automatically redirected to the Arts Council of Bexley web space, thereby saving the cost of buying web space for the Conservative party’s exclusive use. Cunning eh? Normally the redirection would be masked from public view, the glitch has given the game away.

Note that the address bars (URL bar) in the images below show and not Conservative party addresses. The moral of the story is that if you are going to be a little underhand, make sure the cover-up is foolproof.

Lesnes Abbey Conservatives
Lesnes Abbey Conservatives
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